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About was created to help address the three following needs:

  • When planning a trip, it's often useful to be able to find good photos of the place you're planning on visiting.
  • When you're traveling and you take someone's picture, it would be nice if you could easily tell them how to find their picture on the 'net and/or contact you.
  • When you come back from a trip, you often wish you could easily share some of your photos with friends and family. gives you a place where you view and share pictures. And when you contribute to, you always know you can find your pictures at an easy-to-remember web address so you can tell people when you're traveling. For instance if you sign up here with the user name joeuser, you can tell folks your pictures are at Easy. And since my user name is 'denny', I can tell people the my pictures will be at:
or this works as well:

Your choice-- they're both easy to remember.

Contact Info is located on the first floor of the Cronin Towers building in the scenic Lake Hills neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. Note that the Cronin Towers building actually does not exactly currently have more than one floor, so our offices are pretty easy to find. Simply enter the building, and make a right at the living room.
2428 159th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98008

Thanks to George Hoffer for additional images for the page top slide show, © 2003 George Hoffer.