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Privacy Policy
Last updated: May 14, 2003

The privacy policy as stated below applies to the domain and associated web site.

We Respect Your Privacy
At our site we maintain the highest standards of respect for your privacy as you view our pages and/or participate in our games and other activities. We'll briefly discuss below what you can expect from us as you use our site either as an anonymous user or after registering for some of our password protected services.

Anonymous Use
When you visit our pages, you are completely anonymous unless you explicitly volunteer information in the process of registering for our services. But, as with most web sites, we do collect some rudimentary statistical information to help us assess our levels of site traffic. This anonymous numerical information does not identify you to us in any relevant way, nor will we ever try to draw any connections. It is used strictly for analyzing levels of site traffic, number of visitors, etc. This is all very standard stuff. We use the well known Apache web server software and employ its standard logging facilities. And we use Webalizer to crunch the output of the Apache standard logging.

The raw logging information will not be shared with anyone else. We may however sometimes disclose high level information about our levels of site traffic to selected partners. This would include only broad strokes information such as number of total visitors per month, number of pages viewed, etc.

We do use some "cookies" (temporary identifiers) when you visit our site, but we do not write them to your computer's disk. They exist only as long as your session with us, and they are used only to allow our software to maintain enough programmatic information to allow our site to properly display selected pages. No personal information about you is stored in these cookies. If you turn off cookies in your browser you may find that some of our pages behave oddly or do not work at all. That is simply the result of the server's dependency on cookies to maintain simple anonymous session state.

This site uses the services of for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, collects anonymous data typically through the use of cookies. To learn more about, go to privacy statement.

We provide many links to other sites on our pages. We of course make no claims of responsibility as to the privacy policies of these various linked sites.

Registered Use
We provide a service whereby we allow you to post written and pictorial accounts of your travels, in therefore require information about yourself in the course of registering for the service. We will not share this information with anyone else. We will use it only within the expected realm of the service. We will not display this information on the site unless it is made clear that you are volunteering to have such information displayed on the site. We do expect you to use your real name when submitting materials, to be used to properly credit the contributor of the materials.

In particular, we will be very judicious in our use of any email addresses you provide to us. In all places that you may enter an email address, it is made clear what that address will be used for. We will never "spam" you, nor provide your address to other parties. Ever.

Opt Out Information
As noted above, provides an environment whereby you may submit your own written and pictorial work for publication on our site. You do have full control of your submitted materials. You can choose to remove your contributions from our site at any time, thereby removing your contributions and published use of your name entirely from our web site.

Further Information
If you have further questions about our committment to consumer privacy issues, you may contact us at: