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Recent Trips

The following trips have been recently submitted by our contributors:

Yucutan 2016

We went back to the Yucutan and visited three different Mayan ruins. We went back to Valladolid and Ek Balam to see how it had changed. Some things were different, some things were the same.

Contributed by: denny
Costa Rica 2016

Took the boys to Costa Rica. Saw my old Spanish teacher Emilie who'd just had a baby.

Contributed by: denny
france and spain

our 2 weeks of visiting spain and driving around southern france

Contributed by: ix
South Pacific Films

French Polynesia, Fiji, and Samoa have provided Hollywood with stories and settings for many classic movies, from Mutiny on the Bounty to Return to the Blue Lagoon.

Contributed by: davidstanley
Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

The islands of Samoa are emerging as an exciting new South Pacific travel destination between Hawaii and New Zealand

Contributed by: davidstanley
Mutiny to Tahiti and French Polynesia

Since the age of explorers Wallis, Bougainville, and Cook, legendary Tahiti has tickled imaginations worldwide.

Contributed by: davidstanley
Vancouver Island Conference Centre

The Vancouver Island Conference Center in downtown Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, is an exciting new venue for meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, receptions, and other events.

Contributed by: davidstanley
Local Teaching Jobs
(no pictures)Axcis Education has a very successful Special Needs department and places teacher in Jobs throughout the Greater London area. Jobs are filled very quickly so it pays to be registered.

Contributed by: sam
garden 2011

Denise asked to see what the garden looked like in full bloom, since she saw it in early May at the beginning

Contributed by: mrbuck
Boston and Fenway, Summer 2009

I had a chance to take my Dad back to Fenway Park, he had not been back there since the days of Ted Williams. So off we went for my first trip to Boston

Contributed by: mrbuck

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