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Yes, you too can be an contributor to It's easy and it's fun. Here's how it works.

You sign up to be a contributor, agreeing to some minimal rules about not infringing upon others copyrights, not putting up naked pictures, etc. You will also be asked to provide some minimal information about yourself. Our privacy policy is simple: we won't share this info with anyone else, ever. We will only contact you via email specifically in regard to your submissions here.

After you sign up, we will give you access to a special work area where you can create and edit your trips, pictures, and your personal contributor info. When you have completed preparing your trip descriptions and photos, you can publish it instantly so that it can be seen by family, friends, and heck, the whole world.

You, in fact, retain full copyright to everything you write, although you agree to let us use your work on our site under certain terms and restrictions and all that.

If you're interested, read the rules below, and we'll get on with the sign-up process.

Terms and Conditions
In the little agreement below, we will refer to you as the Contributor, and to as the Publisher. Please read carefully and make sure you understand things.

  1. The Contributor agrees to respect others' copyrights and not willfully plagiarize from other sources, including books, magazines, and other web pages. The Contributor understands that if it is discovered that they have stolen from other works, all their submissions will be immediately and permanently taken down from the the Publisher's site.
  2. The Contributor will retain copyright for all original works submitted to the Publisher, but the Contributor grants unlimited rights to these works to the Publisher for use on the Publisher's web sites ( and and optionally in the syndicated promotional images built by the Publisher for partner web sites.
  3. Whenever the Contributor's work is displayed, the Publisher agrees that proper crediting and linking information provided by the Contributor will be displayed so that the Contributor receives full due credit for the use of their material.
  4. The Publisher will not use the Contributor's works in any other non-web media without first obtaining the Contributor's consent.
  5. The Publisher will not be held responsible for lawsuits or criminal charges related to the Contributor's work. The Contributor agrees to bear the burden of any legal costs or damages incurred by the Publisher in the event of legal proceedings involving the Publisher and specifically related to the Contributor's works.
  6. The Publisher makes no warrantly with regard to quality of service or future availability of service, and reserves the right to change or discontinue publication of the web site(s) at any time.
I agree to the above terms and conditions. Sign me up.