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Trips for: denny

Yucutan 2016

We went back to the Yucutan and visited three different Mayan ruins. We went back to Valladolid and Ek Balam to see how it had changed. Some things were different, some things were the same.

Contributed by: denny
Costa Rica 2016

Took the boys to Costa Rica. Saw my old Spanish teacher Emilie who'd just had a baby.

Contributed by: denny
Daniel Cooper Cronin

A new journey begins. Not really a "travel" kinda journey, but still it should take us to some Pretty Interesting Places.

Contributed by: denny
Spain Business Trip 2005

Quick 4 day hit and run in Madrid for an IPTV convention. We got a free night that last night there and a group of us went out for tapas and maybe the odd glass of vino tinto as well.

Contributed by: denny
Mazatlan 2005

Mazatlan has TONS of these open air taxis called "pulmonías" (which is Spanish for pneumonia, which is what the drivers claim you get driving them during the slightly chillier times of the year). They're both a really fun way to get around and a bit of a nuisance as the drivers are very aggressive trying to get their next fair. But overall, great city, super friendly people, and superb beaches.

Contributed by: denny