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Mazatlan 2005
Contributed by: denny
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This is your basic pulmonía that you'll see all over Mazatlan. They're fun, noisy, some of 'em have been customized by the driver with a big loud stereo, and you can sip your open beer as your driver takes you wherever you're going.
  La Lerma

You can see the Hotel La Lerma where we stayed the first night on the left. It's a simple place but only $11 a night. That's my inlaws on the right. This picture was actually taken later in the trip when we brought them by to see where we'd stayed prior to their arrival.
  La Lerma 2nd floor

Our room was down there on the right.
La Lerma bed

Simple yet comfy.
  La Lerma bathroom

Basically a wide shower stall with a toilet off to one side. Allows you to multi-task...
  Nice breakfast place

Right across the street from La Lerma there was this tiny little breakfast joint. We ate there one morning, great Huevos Mexicanos breakfast for $2. Recommended.
For sale

Nice lot for sale if you're interested...
  Dennis' shoe store

Always interesting to bump into my name in Latin American countries.

Wandering down Serdan to the waterfront you see these boats.

Driving up to Copala the 2nd day we crossed a couple "vados" which are basically sorta shallow fords.

Photo pages:
One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight   Nine   Ten  

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