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Spain Business Trip 2005
Contributed by: denny
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Random hotel

We didn't stay here.
  Hotel bar

Warm up drink, John and Chris.
  La Casa del Abuelo

My favorite tapas joint. Great garlic shrimp and they serve a distinctive sweet red wine. Now I never thought I'd like a sweet red wine but this goes really well with their shrimp.
First stop

Our rather large group stopping for a first round of grub and drinks.
  Teresa working the customer

Simon from BT was our Guest of Honor.
  Peter and Tim

Teresa and John

  Phil, Monique, and Tim


I bought a cool soccer shirt there, for the 2nd team in Barcelona. The locals assured me I wouldn't get beat up for wearing a non-Madrid shirt because although Madrid and the 1st Barcelona team are sworn enemies, the 2nd team in Barcelona hates the 1st team, therefore they're kinda buds with Madrid. It's complicated.
Famous building

We sat on a plaza in front of this building late at night and had a final round. I'm sure it's famous but I don't remember what it is.
  On the plaza

  Lively conversation

The women were really enjoying the witty reparte of the others.

Photo pages:
One   Two  

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